A frontend system for the 21st century

BLOX Total CMS makes print, web, mobile, e-Edition and social media publishing easier, faster and more affordable than ever.

Produce once, publish everywhere

With BLOX Total CMS, you can simultaneously build editions optimized for display on your web, print and mobile channels. No error-prone cutting and pasting necessary. Our writeback feature even allows edits made to the print edition to flow out to your web and mobile sites!

Cloud insurance

BLOX Total CMS gives you the benefits of a cloud-based publishing system without the risks. On-site server appliances permit fast, efficient print edition production and keep you publishing even during Internet outages. (Try that with a cloud-only solution!) Your web and mobile sites are hosted at our world-class, 99.99% uptime data centers, so they'll always be speedy and accessible.

BLOX Total CMS server appliance

Our budget-friendly on-site appliances protect you from outages and expedite production.

Best-in-class publishing tools

BLOX Total CMS fully integrates with Adobe InDesign for print pagination and TownNews.com's BLOX CMS (trusted by over 1,000 publications) for web and mobile publishing. Both are widely used, so you'll have more available talent and lower training costs. No fly-by-nights here.

Streamline your workflow

BLOX Total CMS includes powerful, easy-to-use workflow tools to help you stay organized and manage your staff of contributors. Create workflows for print, web/mobile, or both. And workflows are completely customizable, so you can craft processes that suit your team.

On-site training and installation

Our installation team has experience with most newsroom systems, so there won't be surprises. We'll train your template masters, and teach your newsroom staff how to produce with BLOX Total CMS. When we leave, you'll be up and publishing. Already using BLOX CMS? You're halfway home!

Save time and money

Unlike newsroom systems of old, BLOX Total CMS is affordable and easy to maintain. It unifies print, web and mobile production with efficient processes that are simple for your staff to learn. This frees you to create content that multiplies your audience and grows your bottom line.