In this week's Flex Templates software release, we are changing vendors for paid recommendations to increase CPMs. In addition, we are making a few bug fixes and other minor surveys.


  • We are making adjustments to ad tags for paid recommendations in line with our goal to¬†use ad code that provides the highest CPMs for our customers. There will be very little noticeable change for readers. (FLEXBLOX-5993)


  • We are adding a setting to the Classifieds Categories block that will indicate the number of results to display in the block. (FLEXBLOX-6060)


  • With this release we are making some styling changes to some of the comments to make them display the same. (FLEXBLOX-6077)
  • The A tag on social share icons had duplicate rel attributes. The values for both rel attributes will now be combined into one. (FLEXBLOX-6089)