New Features

Summary: There is now a flex-calendar-featured-search block that will allow users to add a background image. This block will be consistent with other search blocks such as flex-classifieds-featured-search.
Preview: Below is a preview of the flex-calendar-featured-search block.
Summary: A paging gallery presentation has been added to assets in this release. This will allow users to navigate through a gallery by paging between individual items. 
Preview: Below is a preview of the paging gallery presenation mode. 

Summary: Overhauled the calendar application to work better on all devices. Cleaned up the user interface to match other applications. Added support for most of the software calendar features.

Summary: Added support for Mega Nav on desktop displays. Mega Nav allows you to drove blocks in navigation regions that will show up when the user hovers over the parent URL. Most card blocks should function in these regions. Some features may not work in the regions because of the size of the regions.

Summary: The Collection presentation mode, Series, was added into this release. Series will affect assets in two ways. The collection asset that is the parent of the series will display all the child assets in a list. The child assets will have paging buttons, a list of the first three items in the series, and if you scroll to the end of the asset a slide-in to click through to the next asset in the series.


Change: Pinterest was previously being misspelled in Page Customizations> Meta Data in the BLOX admin. The spelling should now be correct. 

Change: Implemented a JSON view for search results to be used for mega search.

Change: Increased logo size for featured business loaded in the business card.

Change: Added a minimal display option to the Utility: Site search block.

Bug fixes

Issue: Article with child images being added as child assets to other article assets were showing a blank indentation as if a preview image were to appear. 
Change: There is no longer a blank indentation appearing on these articles. 
Issue: When creating an article asset with location data or related content such as quote, fact box, info box, or bio box, the related content was previously not displaying. 
Change: The related content and location data are now displaying to the left of the article. The location data will provide a small map disclosing the location provided. 

Issue/Change: Added an HTML filter to the offset parameter to improve security.

Issue/Change: Removed hardcoded .com from two locations. This should prevent errors with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Issue/Change: No longer return the site title in the site name macro.