Summary: If you are using Classifieds Verticals and have a rent search URL set up, the price range values in the Classifieds: Real Estate Tabbed Search block will display lower prices for rental properties.

Rent Block

Summary: YouTube video assets will now appear in the river of news for segmented Live e-Edition assets. Videos can be placed inline, or they will appear at the bottom of the asset if they are left as child assets.

Youtube Live e-Edtiions


Change: Made security improvements to templates.

Change: Usernames will be filtered in the comments section to prevent special characters from interfering with the page.

Change: Made the following changes to the Collection Timeline presentation mode: Collection previews show up on the first slide now; Slides now only show the first paragraph of the asset truncated to 300 characters; Removed assets that were displaying below the timeline; Added thumbnails to the timeline buttons; Increased the height of the timeline.

Change: Touch 5 Calendar event pages will show the next occurrence as the date of the event when it is available, otherwise it will show the event start date.

Change: Added a tnt-storefront class to the blox-html-container on Marketplace business in storefront mode.

Change: The last child image for a segmented asset in Live e-Editions will no longer be the full width of the river of news.


Issue/Solution: Corrected a classifieds search issue where the city param was being changed when the view selector was changed. This was causing search to fail.

Issue/Solution: Made changes to reduce the occurrence of ghost clicks.

Issue: A javascript error was only allowing users to print the first two paragraphs of articles on pages behind a service that they have access to.
Solution: If a user can see the entire article they have the ability to print the entire article.
Issue: Life e-Editions had limited functionality on IE9.
Solution: Updated several plugins to better support IE9.