Summary: Users can now schedule when they want their upsell to start when making a purchase through the Upsell Manager. This option will now show up for any upsell at the purchase screen.
Configuration: This change will take place automatically.
Preview: The following preview shows the upsell start date picker.


Change: Overhauled the Live e-Editions user interface to improve user experience and support future features.

Change: You can now add HTML tags to captions in Live e-Editions.

Change: Standalone image captions are now the width of the image.

Change: The MARKETPLACE | Category List, listed on the /marketplace URL, has a default behavior of sorting results by the business name. With current improvements, the results may now be sorted by geodistance. By setting a custom property on the block of geodist_sort = true, the results page should sort by geodistance rather than the default of business name.

Change: In Live e-Editions the default text size setting is now set to medium. There are currently four settings (small, medium, large, extra large) in which users may set as the text size. However, users must keep in mind that text size settings depend on the browsers window width. With that being said, sometimes small may be the same size as medium.



Issue: Cropped images were breaking RSS feeds.
Change: Filtered out unescaped ampersands from the image URL.
Issue/Change: Corrected an issue that prevent maps from showing up on game and team pages in SportsStats.
Issue: Users were not being tracked in Live e-Editions for AAM reporting.
Change: Added the tracking code into Live e-Editions.
Issue: Upsells not responding to the disabled or hidden checkboxes.
Change: Change: When an upsell is disabled or hidden it will not appear on the front end.
Issue: Image titles with an ampersand in the title were breaking RSS feeds.
Change: Applied an HTML filter to image titles to convert the ampersand into a format the feed can read.
Issue: When viewing a video in multimedia mode, the "See More Videos" button was overlapping part of the video description.
Change: On the multimedia page, the "See More Videos" button will no longer overlap part of the video description text.
Issue: Previously, the link assets in the bottom of the window on the Bulletins blocks were not working properly.
Change: All linked assets in the Bulletins block should now direct to the correct links
Issue: The Live e-Edition was previously unstyled and not up to date with current standards.
Change: The search page is now styled and the options are more visible to users.
Issue: On the Touch 5 page, the Classifieds | Wheels | Touch5 block was listing the "makes" and "models" fields on all search results for the block.
Change: The block will now only display makes and models of vehicles if the URL contains /cars or the category custom property contains /car. Changing the category to something other than cars will also cause the makes and models fields to disappear.
Issue: In Classifieds, the coupon assets containing links were not previously wrapped in the provided URL.
Change: Users will now be able to click anywhere on the coupons containing links to direct to that page.