Software & Template Releases

This week we are adding a new revenue opportunity by leveraging our new integration with Insticator, an engagement widget which combines interactive content with programmatic advertising. In addition, we now have Paid Recommendations support on our AMP mobile pages to help monetize that platform. Read more

In this week's Flex Templates software release, we are launching a new block called "Utility: Promo Designer." Create a variety of overlays, slide-ins, in-page promos, and other notices or messages with this new block. These promotions can also be used with iQ Engage to dynamically target sp… Read more

This is a major release of our BLOX Core software which includes a new asset type for PowerPoint, Excel, Doc or Zip files (and a few others). We've also moved the user account management panel to it's own interface under "Community" in the top left menu. In addition, we've made bug fixes and… Read more

In this week's Flex Templates release, we are adding a new "auto update" feature to the Card: Updates block, helping readers get newly-posted news even without refreshing their website. In addition, we are adding a new "overline" feature to many of our content blocks, and have fixed several bugs. Read more

With this week's Flex Templates software release, we are adding the ability to monetize the infinity scroll area by including an ad position. Infinity scroll blocks are a great, mobile-friendly way to show more content where users are particularly engaged—without adding a lot of bloat or ext… Read more

In this release we're resolving an issue where our webservice exports were not including upsell information. This release also includes infrastructure changes that should not be noticeable to admin or front-end users. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact custome… Read more

As part of our ongoing commitment to implement new techniques to speed up websites, we are adding http pre-loading and DNS pre-fetch capabilities to non-critical, third-party library files. Previously we were using these techniques to speed up the access for critical BLOX CMS files on our CDN. Read more

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