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Software Releases

Zen Templates Software Release - Feb. 27th - Mar. 1st

In this minor bug fix release for Zen Templates, we are addressing an edge case which was causing a security warning in some browsers, and adding support for the 300_leftcol_2-3-3-4 grid on image and PDF details pages.


  • Image and PDF templates in the Editorial Base skin now support the 300_leftcol_2-3-3-4 grid. (ZENBLOX-7769)
  • In some edge cases, legacy code which is no longer needed was causing a security warning in some browsers on the User Dashboard login page. This code has been removed to silence the warnings. (ZENBLOX-7770)

Associated Press plugin for BLOX Syndication Software Release - Mon. Feb. 27th at 10:00 AM CST

In this minor release for the Associated Press plugin for BLOX Syndication, we are addressing some issues related to the release last week which added support for data visualizations from Graphiq. With this release, Graphiq assets will be sorted to the bottom of the related children asset list. If there are also photos associated with that article, the top photo will show as the preview. We are also fixing a few minor edge case issues.


  • As part of the Associated Press syndication importer, we will now take steps to ensure that all assets from Graphiq are sorted to the bottom of the related children asset list. This means that if the AP asset has photos, those will show up for the preview of the article. Graphiq previews will still show as the preview on the page if they are the only child asset, or if they are manually sorted to the top of the related children asset list. (AP-231)
  • All customers have now migrated to BLOX Syndication for Associated Press support. In this release we remove support for the legacy AP import system. (AP-225)


  • In some edge cases, Graphiq HTML assets were showing twice on their details page. This has been fixed. (AP-230)

Changes to AAM tracking support in BLOX CMS

In September, 2015, added AAM (Alliance for Audited Media) tracking support to BLOX Subscription Pro. This feature provides tracking of subscriber access to restricted content on BLOX CMS websites, including BLOX Live e-Editions.

AAM tracking was previously a feature of the BLOX Live e-Editions product, but this feature is being deprecated in favor of the more robust implementation in BLOX Subscription Pro. (Click here for BLOX Subscription Pro AAM tracking documentation.)

On February 28th, 2017, the AAM tracking feature will be removed from BLOX Live e-Editions. If you wish to continue using AAM tracking, please migrate to the BLOX Subscription Pro implementation before 2/28/2017.

Because we hold AAM log data for a rolling 12-month period, your logs will still be available when you transition to the BLOX Subscription Pro AAM tracking feature.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact customer support at (800) 293-9576 or