Associated Press automatic video matching service

In today's newsroom, video is an important tool. It adds depth to reporting and entices readers to spend more time on your site. Our new Associated Press automatic video matching service makes it easy to add video to AP articles, with no work from you!

For customers who use AP feeds through BLOX CMS, we are launching a new service that will add relevant Newspaper Delivery Network (NDN) video content automatically to matching articles. The video will appear at top of your article, below the headline.

For example, if an AP article comes through the feed about Emmy Award winners, and AP also provides a matching video for that article, our NDN service will match them.

There will be pre-roll ads on all videos, giving you the opportunity to generate revenue.

Sounds great, how do I get it?

By default, all sites using "AP Online" or "AP Top Headlines" feeds will come equipped with the video matching service, and the option to opt out.

Your site must have an NDN partner ID to receive ad revenue. If you don't have an NDN partner ID, don't fret! Simply, go to the NDN website to receive an ID number.

For assistance with these services, contact customer support today