In an effort to improve the mobile browsing experience, Google has announced it will begin measuring whether page content is speedy and easily accessible. Starting in January 2017, if Google detects that the content on a mobile device has been covered by a pop-up or interstitial ad, they may lower the SEO rankings for that page.

To protect your hard-won SEO, we suggest that you swap your mobile pop-ups and interstitials with pencil and leaderboard ads. These ads are still high impact, but steer clear of Google’s new SEO policy. (Learn more about creating ads in BLOX CMS.)

Google does list a few exceptions to the new rules, including:

  • A response to a legal obligation (such as age verification or cookie permission).
  • Login dialogs for sites where content is behind a paywall.
  • Banners that use a “reasonable amount” of screen space and are dismissable.

Google uses hundreds of measurements for ranking a website. While your pages may still rank highly if they have great content, better safe than sorry. Audit your site for potentially problematic pop-ups and interstitials today.

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Christine Masters is the director of product management at