was born 25 years ago in the back shop of a weekly newspaper -- circulation 1,950 -- in unincorporated Bigfork, Montana. A quarter century later, still hosts the Bigfork Eagle – and the newspapers recently purchased by Warren Buffett.

We started in 1989 installing 2400-baud modems at newspapers in Montana, Alberta, Arkansas, Louisiana and Saskatchewan. Today we have major data centers on the backbone of the Internet in Chicago and New York City. We provide services for more than 1,500 newspapers, college publications, and TV and radio stations in all 50 states and Canada.

Twenty-five years ago, we delivered statewide classified ads. Today, we deliver over one billion digital ad impressions a month to readers across the globe.

"Our initial goal was to create a wire service for weekly newspapers," said founder Marc Wilson, who continues to serve as CEO. "When the World Wide Web was created, we decided we'd better understand that technology. We've been designing and selling Web products and services ever since."

Today offers sophisticated content management services for web, print, mobile and social products.

"We still serve our original clientele – but now we also work for some of the largest media outlets in the country," Wilson said. "We don't forget where we came from, but we're always looking to the future."