To attract advertisers and make a buck, your site needs traffic. Lots of it. There are many ways to bring in eyeballs, but one of the most important is still making sure your content shows up early and often in search engine results.

Here are three painless ways to boost your content's SEO in BLOX CMS.*

Mind your URLs

Your article's URL isn't just a string of random letters and numbers. Search engines like Google use it to help determine how relevant your page is for a given topic.

Luckily, BLOX CMS can automatically build an SEO-friendly URL for every asset you create. Simply write a title that includes your article's most important keywords. When you save, this title will be added to the URL of your new asset.

But, what keywords should you include in your title? Think about the phrases your readers are most likely to use when searching.

For example, if your article is about famous street artist Victoria Vonn Sumner-Platz (not a real person!) doing a residency at your local art museum, a title like "Street artist Sumner-Platz named summer 2014 artist-in-residence at Furgee Art Museum" hits the who, what, when and where. Very searchable.

Don't go crazy packing keywords into your titles. Google and others may ding you for trying to game the system. And you need to attract humans, not just bots.

Get into semantics

So, you've written an article that you think is a foolproof viral hit. Nice work! To further your odds of hitting search engine paydirt, make sure to add keyword tags.

Keyword tags are those comma-separated lists of words and phrases that you often see at the end of an online article. Typically, each tag links off to a search of other related content. It's not only a nice SEO booster, it's a great way to expose readers to "deep" content on your site that they might not run across otherwise.

And our metadata suggestion wizard can help take the pain out of finding your most worthwhile keywords and phrases.

After creating your article, click the metadata suggestion tool in the BLOX CMS rich text editor (the "magic wand" icon). We'll pass your article through one or more semantic analysis engines and return a list of potential keywords, weighted by confidence. Simply select a few relevant keywords, save, and they'll be added to your document. They'll also be added to the Google-friendly "news_keywords" meta tag.

Be sociable

Social media isn't just for selfies and LOLcats, it's a key element of any high-performing site's SEO strategy. Search engines use social shares and reputation as determining factors when ranking their results. So, it's vital to create quality content, and share it with your social media followers.

But Twitter and Facebook are just another chore. Who has the time?

With our social media broadcast tool, maintaining your Facebook and Twitter accounts is easy. You can seamlessly broadcast articles, videos, blog posts and other content as you create it, without ever leaving BLOX CMS. A shortened link will be automatically appended, and you can tailor your updates for maximum shareability.

You can add many different social media broadcast channels, allowing your users to follow only the updates that interest them.

SEO isn't easy, but with the right tools and some planning, your BLOX CMS site's organic search engine traffic can skyrocket.

* Some of the tools mentioned in this article, such as social media broadcast and semantic analysis, may need to be enabled prior to use. If you need help using or configuring these features, contact our customer support team for assistance.