In BLOX CMS, you've always been able to attach images, videos, and other editorial content to your articles. Attached items appear in a nice, professional gallery, like the one you see at the left in this article.

Galleries are great, but what if you want to display a picture, YouTube video, link, table, or something else right in the body of your article? This hasn't been supported . . . until now.

The latest release of BLOX CMS adds the ability to simply drag related content onto the page and place it where you want it to show up. This gives you more control over how you tell your story, allowing you to pull readers in by combining content in new and compelling ways.

And you don't have to count on users noticing your gallery and clicking through each of the links. They'll be exposed to your rich content as they read, much like a printed piece.

The experience is more natural for both creators and users.

Don't worry, the gallery isn't going away. Any items that you've related to your article but have not placed in the body of the piece will still appear there. If you don't choose to place any related items inline, the gallery will display as it always has.

But, you now have more flexibility to lay out your article for maximum impact. And that's a very cool thing.

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