Wick Communications has selected TownNews.com as its provider of Internet hosting and online automation tools for its group of 36 newspapers.

Wick publishes 14 daily newspapers in six states, Arizona, Louisiana, North Dakota, Oregon, North Carolina and Colorado. The company is based in Sierra Vista, Ariz.

Wick also publishes 22 weekly and specialty publications in Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada, Montana, New Mexico, California, Idaho, Alaska and New Mexico. Wick Communications also owns an FM radio station in Safford,

Ariz., and an AM station in Clifton, Ariz.

Wick Communications also shares ownership of the Lake Havasu City (Ariz.) Today's News-Herald with Western Newspapers Inc.

TownNews.com, which is owned by International Newspaper Network l.c..,

helps more than 550 newspapers in 47 states publish on-line editions.

I.N.N's majority owner is Lee Enterprises (LEE-NYSE) of Davenport,


"We are pleased to provide Internet services and products to Wick

Communications, which is one of the best group of community newspapers

in the nation," said Marc Wilson, chief executive officer of