To minimize the number of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) viruses infecting Web sites, has released SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) for customers. Users will greatly benefit from SFTP, as there is no longer a serious threat of receiving a virus when uploading files via FTP.

SFTP is designed to prevent viruses, such as the Gumblar Virus, from stealing passwords and uploading any malicious information, such as JavaScript or iFrame code. SFTP is used to transfer files that are encrypted, preventing FTP credentials from being passed as plain text.

There is no charge for this service, and the only requirement is that users have a FTP client that supports SFTP. A few of the more common FTP clients that support SFTP are: For Windows: CoreFTP, FileZilla, Dreamweaver and WinSCP, and for Mac: Cyberduck, Dreamweaver, Fetch, and FileZilla. For a complete list of FTP clients that support SFTP, visit

In order for SFTP to be enabled, the user will need to select SFTP protocol in their FTP client’s settings and make sure port 122 is being used. Other than those changes, the FTP client will operate the same as it would prior to SFTP.

SFTP can easily be set up in Dreamweaver and Core FTP, two of the most common FTP clients. For Dreamweaver, change the host to and ensure Secure FTP is selected.

In Core FTP, the Site Manager window allows you to change the port to 122 and select SSH/SFTP.

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