Perhaps no single individual has served SNA more in the last fifteen years than Harrison Cochran. His dedication and level of service to the organization has been extraordinary. He is the only person to have served twice as Chairman of the SNA Board of Directors, jumping in a second time when an unexpected vacancy occurred. In addition, he has continuously served on the SNA or SNA Foundation Board since 1995.

His contributions are many. Cochran has been involved in nearly every SNA milestone in recent history including fostering relationships and partnerships with other associations (he served as the NNA liaison on the SNA Board for many years); forming the SNA Foundation as a separate 501 (c) (3) corporation; hiring of key SNA and SNAF staff; strengthening the governance practices for both organizations; growing SNA's for-profit arm and much more.

"Harrison is a true ambassador for SNA," said Nancy Lane, President. "He is the one making people feel welcome at SNA conferences and events, especially new members and first time attendees. I have worked with him since 1997 on the SNA Board and have witnessed his incredible passion for the industry and our organization. All members are better served today because of Harrison's leadership."

Cochran continues to serve SNA as a director on the SNA Foundation Board of Directors. Currently he is assisting with fundraising efforts and helping to reach out to legacy donors. He works especially hard on getting the industry to work together.

"Harrison has intensified his mission to push individual media companies forward by ensuring that we work together," said Dave Perry, Editor, Aurora Sentinel. "His efforts have not been esoteric. Upon each return from SNA conventions and often after each phone call with SNA colleagues, our own newspaper is an immediate beneficiary of information shared among suburban media companies."

Many of Cochran's former SNA board colleagues weighed in with endorsements for Harrison's nomination including Tom Noonan, a former Lesher award winner now retired who said, "He has performed a ton of behind-the-scenes work, serving on numerous committees, chairing a variety of conferences and often serving as a meeting speaker or panelist. For SNA, Harrison has been a go-to guy!"

Steve Parker, Chair of the Lesher Nominating Committee, added, "We had some incredibly strong candidates for this year's award but in the end, Cochran's outstanding service to SNA stood out as the deciding factor to bestow this year's honor on him. It is well deserved and I think a lot of SNA members will be smiling when they read this announcement."

Cochran will receive the award during a luncheon on September 23 at the Hyatt Regency Penn's Landing Philadelphia during the SNA Fall Publishers' & Advertising Directors' Conference.