's college newspaper program continues to grow - an indication that the BLOX Content Management System is a great fit for campus media.

Twenty college newspapers now use BLOX for their websites or are developing BLOX sites. started its campaign to reach out to campus media in spring 2010, on the suggestion of the Iowa State Daily, a longtime member.

Mark Witherspoon, that paper's adviser, proposed reach out to college newspapers, because of the flexibility and money-making opportunities with BLOX, and because of's strong customer service.

The Round Up at New Mexico State, was the first college paper to launch a BLOX site after the launch of the college program. The Round Up has had great success with advertising since then, and gives much of the credit.

"Having complete control over advertising on our site has allowed us to make more than we have ever made online," Blazak said. "I can't say enough about how this site has transformed our online presence and given me real reason to believe we can have substantial and sustained online income for years to come.

"You will not find a bigger TownNews fan." also created a syndication option for its college newspapers, which launched in January 2011. For more information on the syndication system and's college program, visit