Generating traffic is the key goal for most, if not all, websites. With that in mind,'s BLOX Content Management System can help sites improve their search-engine results by using the Suggest Metadata button.

To use this feature, all a BLOX users needs to do is click the "Suggest Metadata" button before publishing an article.

Clicking the Suggest Metadata button allows BLOX customers to easily and quickly generate metadata - defined as keywords about data -- to stories, photos, ads and other web content to improve search-engine ranking on sites like Google.

The Suggest Metadata button also allows customers to use relevant keywords on individual pieces of content, and organizes the site. Say you had a story about the NFL playoffs and used "Eli Manning" as a keyword. Manning's name would then appear as a link - and site users could select it to go to a page of content related to the Giants' quarterback.

If you want to improve your search results and organize your site, make sure to use this button before publishing.