Somewhat unheard of a few years back, Twitter has become increasingly important for the news industry -- and for's customer base. When people tweet links to important stories, it can be a great way to bring users to your site.

If you have a Twitter account, and did not add it to your BLOX site configuration, the default source of the tweet will be from "@townnews" instead of from your site. This means you'll miss out on an opportunity to promote your site.

This is especially important because of some recent changes to Twitter's API. Luckily, it is very easy to change the BLOX configuration. In fact, customers can easily make adjustments themselves.

New customers, or customers with sites still in development, can provide the account name when filling out the site deliverables form - that set-up document that our project managers and designers rely on when building sites to customers' specifications.

Existing customers can make the adjustment, as well. Here's a step-by-step:

1. Log into the BLOX admin.

2. Select ‘Settings' from the options under ‘BLOX CMS - Desktop'.

3. Under ‘Settings', select ‘Site'.

4. Click on the ‘Custom properties' tab.

5. Scroll down the left-hand side until you see ‘twitter_account'.

6. In the right-hand column next to ‘twitter_account' remove any text that says ‘tweetmeme' or ‘townnews' and replace it with your Twitter account name.

7. Click ‘Save'.

This is a small but potentially important choice each publication should make regarding its social media strategy. Twitter and social media in general can be a great way to drive traffic and allow website users to quickly and easily share articles by clicking any of the social media share buttons.

Oh, and please follow us @townnews.