At, we’re constantly adding new functionality to our groundbreaking BLOX Content Management System – often as a result of customer input.

Our newest improvements add some great functionality for customers’ advertising staffs. BLOX users can now build and place expandable ads, page-curl ads and text ads within the CMS.

Previously, BLOX users could place expandable ads (ads that expand when hovered over with the mouse) and page-curl ads (which curl down from a corner at the top of the site when hovered with the mouse) on BLOX sites. But they had to build the ads elsewhere and use HTML tags to embed the ads. Now, expandable and page-curl ads can be built and placed within the BLOX interface. This is a huge improvement that will save time for advertising staffs.

Text ads are completely new to BLOX – and something we added at the request of our customers. They’re similar to Google ads you might have seen, as they appear as small blocks of text with short messages and links. They provided good exposures for advertisers without taking over the whole page.

You can learn more about these features by viewing our pre-recorded webinar here.

BLOX is the backbone for several hundred websites across the country, and new sites are going live all the time. We’ve added some great pieces in the past few months (improved analytics, new workflow tools, batch uploading, etc.), and we hope the advertising additions streamline operations and bring in new revenue for our customers.

If you have any questions about the new ad types feel free to email me at