Our April 9, 2013 template release will include a new "Save to Favorites" feature for BLOX CMS that makes it easy for users to create lists of classified ads that interest them. Lists are tied to the user's account, so they're available on any computer where the user is logged-on.

Classifieds "Save to Favorites"

(To allow users to manage favorites from their smartphones and tablets, make sure your site is outfitted with Touch 5 Mobile!*)

Favorites lists deliver added value to your classified advertisers. When a potential buyer interacts with an ad, they're more likely to remember it and more likely to buy.

Initially, this feature will appear in the following places on your site:

  • A "Save" button will appear next to each ad on the classifieds search results page
  • The "Save" button will also appear on each classified ad's details page
  • A "Saved items" menu option will be available inside the user dashboard.

"Save to Favorites" also works with BLOX Wheels* and BLOX Real Estate.*

Great! How do I get started?

Upon release, "Save to Favorites" will be enabled by default on most BLOX CMS sites. If desired, it can be disabled from within the BLOX Admin. For more information on configuring and using "Save-to-Favorites," visit our docs site. For further assistance, please call 800-293-9576.

* Optional add-on product. Contact your salesperson today for details.