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At our November 2015 customer webinar, Christine Masters (director of product management) gave an exclusive overview of our new Flex Templates! Flex Templates take advantage of modern tools like HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap to bring responsive design to your BLOX CMS site. With responsive desig… Read more

At our July 2015 First Thursday Webinar, Theresa Nelson (Director of Business Development) gave a sneak peek at our all-new data management program, iQ. iQ gives you the power to segment your digital audiences for use in advertising, editorial, circulation and marke… Read more

At our May 2015 First Thursday Webinar, Christine Masters (director of product management) discussed new workflow features and gave tips on how to quickly reformat your front page for breaking news, special events and more. Read more

At our April 2015 First Thursday Webinar, Christine Masters (director of product management) discussed Google's "Mobilegeddon," introduced all-new inline notes, gave tips on how to implement native advertising with BLOX CMS and much more! Read more

At our December 2014 customer webinar, Christine Masters ('s director of product management) previewed new designs for BLOX Wheels and BLOX Real Estate, showed off the new venue library for BLOX Calendar and gave a tutorial on creating Associated Press channels in BLOX Syndication. Read more

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