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BLOX Total CMS appliance updates

Appliance update 2.15.0 was beta released on 7 February 2017 and is now considered a stable release. It has many features clients have been asking for. Internally it includes:

  • CMS 1.32.2-4
  • Page Tracker 1.2.0
  • Associated Press 4.8.0
  • Syndication Tool 1.7
  • Numerous Appliance OS Changes

Version 5.17 of the client concentrates on some major changes in output options as part of TownNews' 2017 initiates for BLOX Total CMS.

Read the complete release notes for how to take advantage of these changes.

Version 5.16 of the BLOX Total CMS client includes many improvements that make this version a desirable upgrade.

  • There is now a built in control to prevent updating page tracker from completed pages.
  • It corrects a problem with naming pages during output.
  • Both the installation and the launch processes properly decompress the framework package that our MacOS clients can use to communicate with the appliance.
  • The client now supports the Page Breaks found in the browser interface.
  • Do Not Publish can now be set for assets using the Clone and Move function. 
  • Both Last Modified (time stamp) and Last Modified By (user name) are now available as options in the Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign Asset Manager.
  • Color Factory JRF files are supported.
  • A bug with exporting multiple paragraphs with different alignments has finally been fixed.
  • Page Workflows are now set when using Create Pages.
  • The creation of pub code folders inside the Page Design Snippets can now be disabled for sites that don't want to use them.
  • Finally, we now support Adobe InDesign templates with unequal margins. 

Read the full release notes for additional details

The 5.15 release is a solid release containing over 70 development tickets. Highlights include:

  •  Includes a major new feature for Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud users: Clone & Move. Clone & Move is designed to simplify page creation for sites that reuse content across multiple publications. In addition to allowing page items to be moved to other pages, it can clone the content and is great for sites that produce multiple editions and zones as well as alternate publications.
  • We now support Image Toning with Claro.
  • Another new feature now allows an article asset that is duplicated as part of the Pre-Placed Asset Policy to also duplicate any pre-placed child images.
  • Numerous bugs were fixed.

See the full release notes for additional details. 

Software & service updates

Short on time? Click here for a quick overview of releases for this week.

In this release, we are adding support for the new BLOX Core release, which has great new features such as User Reactions and author titles. In addition, we are changing the 'save-to-list' icon to be a bookmark, which is more of the industry standard.

In this release we are making infrastructure changes that should not be noticeable to admin or front-end users. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact customer support at (800) 293-9576 or

In this release we are adding new support for RSS/ATOM feeds. In addition, we've included a new terms of service checkbox for users to validate YouTube's new terms of service.

In this release we are introducing integration support for auto feed provider, eBizAutos. We've also added an Autofeeds driver option in the Classifieds Jobs panel which seeks to improve feed setups. 

In this major new BLOX Core software release, we are adding support for User Reactions and author titles, in addition to several other improvements and bug fixes.

This is a minor Flex Templates Release which adds some new tracking mechanisms and fixes a few bugs.

Need help?

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Though we encourage customers to create support requests using our convenient ticketing system, requests can also be made by calling 800-293-9576.