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Software & service updates

In this minor release for the Associated Press plugin for BLOX Syndication, we are addressing some issues related to the release last week which added support for data visualizations from Graphiq. With this release, Graphiq assets will be sorted to the bottom of the related children asset list. If there are also photos associated with that article, the top photo will show as the preview. We are also fixing a few minor edge case issues.

In this major release of Flex Templates, we are adding support for Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings, a new mobile-friendly Classifieds redesign with a specialized display for Classified Collections. In addition, we've fixed several bugs.

In this release, we've made updates to the social media fields to now automatically parse out the necessary parameters from urls.  We're also introducing the Restore feature, which will allow media sites the option to restore businesses back to their unedited state. Also in this release, we're announcing a standard XML import for business listings.  

Zoned e-Edition - This is a new feature for the Flex Template platform that will allow for websites that have a publication with separate zoned editions to change just the pages that are different, assigning them to a different zone. This will reduce the need for duplicate pages in cases like this.

In this new version of BLOX Core, we are adding a new feature to help editors automatically receive new content updates from syndicated stories, while keeping their own local metadata changes (such as keywords, sections and flags). We are also adding the ability for webhooks to see more information about assets.

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