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BLOX Content Management System gives news and media organizations more tools to create content, attract users, and grow their bottom lines. Why settle for less?

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Powerful, easy-to-use editorial tools

Creating and organizing articles, videos, images, collections, polls, audio files,
links and more is easy with our user-friendly editorial interface.

[Block editor makes changing your layout easy.]

Visual layout tools

Our built-in Block Manager makes changing your site's layout a simple click-and-drag operation.


Rich text editing

Skip the cut-and-paste! Create and edit articles directly in BLOX CMS's efficient rich text editor.


A wealth of content

Manage articles, pictures, videos, PDFs, polls, YouTube videos, galleries, audio files and more in one handy location.

Connected content

Including rich media like pictures, galleries and video with your stories is no harder than adding an attachment in your email client.


Mobile reporting

BLOX CMS includes BLOX Go, a streamlined interface for posting and editing from your tablet or smartphone.


Robust search

Our search engine lets you find items by date range, author, section and more. You can even create "save searches" for queries that you run repeatedly.

Workflows that work

Stay organized and manage your staff with BLOX CMS's customizable, easy to use workflow tools.


Content exchanges

BLOX CMS makes it fast and easy to enrich your publication with custom channels of high-quality content.


Social media broadcast

When you create new content, you can post it to Twitter and Facebook directly from BLOX CMS.

It was critical for us to find an easy-to-use cloud-based solution. We also wanted to go with a vendor that's committed to our industry. offers us all of this and more.”
— Douglas Hiemstra | Senior VP & COO, BH Media Group
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Elegant, customizable design options

BLOX CMS: The content management system for newspapers and news media organizations.

Some systems limit you to a set of cookie-cutter templates. Not BLOX CMS. We'll work with you to customize your site to your unique specifications.*

During your site build, our project management and design teams will help you define your site's look and feel.

After your site launches, tweaking its layout is quick and easy. Most changes are made using BLOX CMS's built-in visual design tools, no coding required. And our crackerjack customer support and training teams are there to assist you in a pinch.

If you or your staff want to go deeper, we offer a certification curriculum that empowers you to tailor your site's underlying code to meet your needs.

Click the screenshots at right for some great examples of BLOX CMS-based sites.

The power of full integration

[BLOX CMS integrates editorial, marketplace and community content.]

Editorial, marketplace and community content are integrated in BLOX CMS, so you can create mashups that boost your site's stickiness and deliver real advertiser ROI.

When you break down the walls between your content, magic happens. An advertiser's business directory listing can also display their calendar events and classifieds. A video from the archives can resurface with a new article. Your home page can include blocks that show premium classified ads and local business listings.

Combinations like this are difficult (or impossible) with cobbled together third-party systems, but in BLOX CMS they're as simple as selecting a related piece of content or dragging a widget onto your page.

If you can imagine it, you can mostly likely achieve it with BLOX CMS.


Editorial content includes: articles, pictures, videos, e-Editions, polls, audio, galleries, PDF files, YouTube movies, links and more.



Marketplace content includes: classifieds, auto and real estate verticals, business directory, banner ads, 24/7 ad order entry and more.



Community content includes: calendar of events, comments, obituaries and celebrations, announcements, email newsletters and more.

BLOX is the best CMS I've ever seen. has been a huge help to our newsroom and simplified the lives of our reporters and editors.”
— Steve Booher | Multimedia News Editor, St. Joseph News-Press
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Does your platform pay you back?

Your bottom line is our top priority. With modules for classifieds, business directory, vertical markets, ad order entry, paywall, banner advertising and more, BLOX CMS sites are built to sell.


BLOX Classifieds bundles everything you need to build and operate a high-performace classified advertising marketplace. Learn more »


Business directory

With BLOX Business Directory,** you can create a high traffic guide to local businesses that advertisers will flock to. Learn more »


Vertical marketplaces

Become the go-to matchmaker for auto and home buyers and sellers with BLOX Wheels and BLOX Real Estate.**


With solutions for hard paywalls, metering, "total access" print/online bundles and more, BLOX CMS has your subscription needs covered.


24/7 classified ad order entry

BLOX Ad-Owl** streamlines the creation, processing and scheduling of web, print and mobile classified ads. Learn more »


Banner advertising

Our built-in banner ad system supports lucrative ad formats like video, page curl, expandable, text and more. Learn more »

Produce once, publish everywhere

Unleash your content to reach web, print, mobile and social media audiences.

Live e-Editions

With BLOX Live e-Editions,** your print replica doesn't have to be stale. Changes to your web and print editions can flow to your online replica, so your users are always seeing the latest updates.
Learn more »


Print pagination

BLOX Total CMS** enables you to simultaneously build your print, web and mobile editions. And it's fully-integrated with Adobe InDesign, so your print product won't be hindered by subpar page layout software.
Learn more »


Adaptive design

With Touch 5 Mobile,** your BLOX CMS site will look great and work like a dream on smartphones and tablets running Android, Apple and Windows Mobile operating systems.
Learn more » has it right when it comes to the next generation of content management . . . If I were to start a company from scratch today, the first thing I would invest in is BLOX Total CMS.”
— Bill Masterson | President & Publisher, Tulsa World
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State-of-the-art cloud hosting

['s infrastructure is world-class.]

Our world-class network infrastructure serves billions of ad impressions and pages to over 175 million visitors each month while maintaining 99.99% uptime.

Today's complex web and mobile pages are computationally expensive to serve. Without the proper infrastructure and expertise, all of the content you've invested so much time and money in will be hidden behind an array of "Service Unavailable" errors.'s data centers are engineered to ensure that no matter how popular your site becomes, it will always be available. And we'll keep investing in infrastructure, because your site can never be too fast or too reliable.

* Additional design charges may apply.
** Optional add-on module.

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